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PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages. Unfortunately a lot of code out there does not take advantage of PHP's ability for developers to write great object oriented and structured code.

As a Zend certified PHP developerI aim to create code of high quality that builds on best practices principles. However, I acknowledge that only in a perfect world, all code would comply to best practices – I have no objections in taking over code made by others, even though it is not as great as it possibly could have been.

Whenever possible, I go for existing standards like MVS (Model, View, Control), and preferably with a wellknown framework underneath, like Bootstrap.

Drupal is a strong CMS system that honors virtually any reasonable requirement for major CMS systems. Today more than 1.2 million websites are Drupal based, and this number is climbing daily. A lot wellknown sites utilize this great platform, including, and The White House.

One of Drupal's advantages is the vast number of existing modules and themes, which can be used for free, just as they are of by making improvements to the same.

We have around five years of Drupal development experience, and we see it as one of our key competences. It takes up to a year to be a productive Drupal developer, and it takes several years to become an expert.

I have had the privilege to deliver Drupal solutions to customers like Post Danmark eKommunikation and Mentorix Eurekos.

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WordPress began as a blogging tool but it has improved into becoming a very strong CMS system, which at the same time is easy to use and maintain. More than 75 million websites are WP-based.

Nyrup IT have good experience with WordPress, and the site itself is based on this platform.

One of the WordPress installations we maintain is, a site that boasts a web-shop based on Woo Commerce, one of the most widely used e-commerce solutions.

Nyrup IT may assist with all kind of IT projects, being a simple website with only a few pages and templates, through heavier web-applications with thousands of concurrent users and even integration projects that tie together different platforms.

Please contact us and find out what we can do for your business. We are convinced you will not regret it.