Nemlog-in integration


nemid kodekort anvender

Nyrup IT have developed a Nemlog-in gateway based on the open source product, SimpleSAMLphp, which makes it simple for virtually any website to offer login through the Nemlog-in identity provider across multiple platforms. We can assist with a turnkey integrated solution, or by counseling during the entire process.

Nemlog-in works well together with CMS systems like Drupal and WordPress – or basically any other system that utilizes social security number (CPR-number) to identify the enduser.

We have delivered Nemlog-in integration to KMD BørneIntra, its Learning Skoleintra (formerly Uni-C), GECKO Booking and others.

It can be a daunting task to develop and go through the Nemlog-in integration process. We have done it several times and know about the procedures and the pitfalls. Our solution makes it simple, so contact us right away if you need to implement Nemlog-in reliably and fast.