About me

I have been working with software development, IT project management and technical architecture for more than 20 years.

Doing at nice commendable job on time in accordance with the contract and price estimates means everything to me.

Some of my customers are major players in Denmark, including Post Danmark eKommunikation (Danish Postal), Region Hovedstaden (Capital Region), M. T. Højgaard A/S (entrepreneurs)EG A/S (IT company), Kristeligt Dagblad (a newspaper) and Mentorix ApS, but I certainly also do projects for smaller organizations with only a few employees.

My key competences include technical project management and architecturing, PHP development, CMS system like Drupal and WordPress, SAML single sign-on projects (Nemlog-in) and all kinds of integration projects.

I am used to act in an international oriented organisation with software developers located nationally and internationally. I am fluent in Danish, English, Spanish and Portuguese and I do have good knowledge of foreign affairs, costumes and cultures.